COVID-19 has vastly affected the Travel and Tourism sectors. Right after the pandemic, everybody prefers the online booking portal rather than the lines for the safety measure for ticket booking. That’s why travel companies give importance to the online booking system. As most of the booking sites are shut down due to this pandemic, that’s why right after that there has been a sudden rush occur in tourists sector. To tackle these sudden situations tour operators have technically introduced some great online travel booking software. B2B Travel Portal is one of them.

Definition of B2B Travel Portal

Actually, like other online portals, the b2b travel portal is an online booking system. It also provides a white label solution. This advanced portal helps to get access a real-time online booking and the availability to the travel agents as well as the tour operators. It is the best and user-friendly booking portal for tour operators as well as the clients or the customers.

Why Advanced Technological Features are Mandatory For Travel Portals?

This changing time everything is controlled by the great features of advanced technology. Who upgraded the advanced technological features promptly, they can surely hold the leading position in any industry. The travel and tourism industry is not exceptional from this. The changing scenario especially after this massive pandemic everything become online. And that is why every company needs to integrate the advanced features in their b2b travel portal or b2c and many more.

What is the Impact of Advanced Features in the B2B Travel Portal?

As we all know that advanced technological features can help not only to reduce cost, increase operational efficiency, but also improve services and customer experience, and many more. The advanced technological features can also help the travel and tourism industry replace expensive human labor with technological labor.

Advanced technology also helps the customer to stay connected with everybody as well as with the world while traveling. It also makes traveling safer than ever. Many important technical solutions bring revolution in b2b travel portal. Mobile technology, Augmented reality or AR, the Internet of things or IoT, Virtual Assistance, Big Data, 5G, and many more are helping to make travel portals more efficient for the travel agents and the customers.

b2b travel agent portal in bangladesh

Benefits of the Advanced Technological Featues for B2B Travel Portal

  • With the help of advanced technological features, the b2b travel portal provides real-time booking management easy for the customers and the agents.
  • The advanced b2b travel company provide automated booking confirmation which is very helpful.
  • This new age b2b travel booking system can save time and money which is beneficial for clients.
  • This portal makes check booking situations and cancel situations very easy for the customers.
  • It also helps to set the profile of agents and also helps to create sub-agents.
  • This customized feature of b2b travel portals comes with a mobile comprehensive design with a user-friendly interface and real-time reporting functionality.
  • This advanced featured b2b travel companies is a fully customized system that provides multiple payment integration with Multi Language support.
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