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Boost your Travel business to the next level with A2B Transfers

A2B Transfers is recorded to be one of the fastest-growing holiday transfer company. It took almost 10 years to establish themselves as one of the world’s leading holiday transfer providers. A2B transfers are now the market leaders in international and airport transfers with 7500 cities and resorts in over 70 countries.

Offering customers unrivaled choice all over the globe,This API makes sure that the customers get the best transfer deals. From transfers and airports holiday travel, resorts harbors, A2B Transfers has their comfortable transfers stationed in each one of the destinations. Moreover, the advantage that adds to the profit-making of A2B Transfers is that the API provider gives a lot of transfer choice.

Be it a taxi, minibus, coach, water taxi, and even helicopter you can select your preferred ride. Per year this transfer provider completes more than 1 million bookings and was nominated for 6 travel industry awards in the year 2009. The name of the transfer provider has been rebranded to HoppaGo and has also launched its seamless new website in the year 2018.

It's offices has situated in UK, Greece and South Africa with brilliant team who not only offer customers with travel guidance but looks into the booking and cancelation of transfers. Moreover, the team is experienced in the complete work procedure of the transfer industry. Their positive attitude helps you to spend a well planned holiday.

Features of the A2B Transfers (HoppaGo) API include:

This API is suitable for both B2B and B2c travel portals. Their comprehensive range of transfers, discounts and simplified online booking module invites more and more travelers several times.

A2B Transfer API Integration Process

A2B Transfer API Integration is possible only if you have an online travel booking engine or software. This is why you must take the help of an experienced developer or travel portal development to design and develop your online portal. This API will be helpful to automates transfer supplies at 7500 cities over more than 70 countries you can easily imagine the profit rate it brings to your business. Owning to the minimal integration cost travel business operators and travel management companies can easily provide pick up and drops to the travelers.

Our Team India Web Design Developers integrate travel portals with flexibility and reliability. The intricate codes are installed into the online transfer booking portal with deep focus while concentrating on other technical variables.

Team India Web Design is an eminent API development company providing API Integration services to both national and international clients. Our DMC clients have benefitted greatly from our services. We believe having a travel portal is never complete without a responsive, user-friendly website allowing users to complete their booking instantly. It is a trustworthy travel brand that has a smooth interface and allows clients to complete the booking from any device be it a desktop, laptop or mobile profile phone.

Therefore, in case you are looking forward to integrating your website with an affordable yet comprehensive range of international transfers, surely choose this system. Team India web Design help you with designing, developing, and integrating a custom website which will not only develop your brand image but also retain maximum customers, mail us at info@teamindiawebdesign.com or Contact us on +91 8107 635 166 for a free quote or to discuss your project plans with us!


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