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FlyToday is a Dubai based B2B online Wholesaler dedicated to providing travel solutions all across the globe. FlyToday API has connections with over 750 Airlines and around 200 LCCs around the world. Moreover, they can connect with 500,000 accommodations at the most competitive rates and provide users with booking facilities. Travelers get access to over 10,000 riding through the rail across top global destinations. Not only that this global API provider has over 28, 000 pick-up and drops locations for transfer services.

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Fly Today’s seamless Integration makes a travel portal extremely user-friendly and the large data enables users to find their desired destination, flight ticket, rail tickets, car rides and more. FlyToday API comes with added benefits when added to a travel portal. As a B2B travel service provider Fly today makes sure that the clients have complete access to the same day booking at the best dates. Moreover, with single FlyToday API integration, you have over 50,000 accommodations under your roof. All types of cars are luxury, budgeted, private and economic can be smoothly booked from this platform.

What are the products are Powered by FlyToday Dubai?

FlyToday API integration includes a complete set of Travel booking Products like Flight booking, Hotel Booking, Rail Booking, and Transfer Booking:

Here is a list of benefits from each of the FlyToday Dubai Products:

  • Flight Booking: FlyToday flight booking has access to all fare types on your search be it Nego, IATA, Nego, and LCCs. It provides travel postal owners with the cancellation policy, fares gules and markup to the booking, easy to manage your staff permissions. Faster, easier and time-saving facilities for the search. FlyToday API also offers secured payment gateway and payment with multiple currencies. Round the clock support for booking cancellation, refund, and changes.
  • Rail Booking Support: Standing in the long queue for railways tickets is pathetic. But with FlyToday Dubai API Integration you get the access to instant e-ticketing for over 10,000 destinations across Europe & North America.
  • FlyToday Hsotel Booking Facilities: FlyToday offers enormous access to more than 500,000 accommodations. They have variations in their property categories be it hotels, apartments resorts or homestays you get 35 different properties here. FlyToday API integration enables the portal owners to include 19 million rich property images and over 7.5 million room images. The description highlights all the best qualities of the property and along with the amenities in the best words. The accommodations are available over more than 25, 000 spots all over the globe. Search filters, rates, instant booking facilities are also available in the FlyToday API Integration.
  • Transfer Booking for the safest ride: With the crime rates going up, travelers have become cautious about booking cabs. Moreover, it is a common game, that whenever you sight a foreigner, cab drivers get the chance to earn more from them. Only to protect travelers and provide them a safe tour, FlyToday Dubai has started their transfer booking facilities. Now with FlyToday API Integration you can get pick up drop facilities to over 28,000 locations. You can select your car preferences and the transfer services are availed at luxury, private and economy selections.

Team India Web Design can help you connect with Fly today through Flytoday API integration. The dynamic flight, hotel, transfer and rail data will automatically invite more and more travelers to your website. Moreover, the FlyToday API will increase the brand identity of your travel portal. As a travel portal provider, we always make sure that your online booking system, has the best features and rich flight, rail and hotel contents. Therefore, connect with TIWD for Flytoday API.

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