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How Much Is Travel Portal Development Cost?

At Teamindia Webdesign, one of the first questions our clients ask is about the travel portal development cost. This is certainly a critical question. After all, travel portals provide the gateway to the OTA market for travel businesses. Knowing the costs involved will enable travel companies plan and map their strategies accordingly. Ultimately, the project costs will depend on your company’s requirements along with its depth and complexity.

However, it is important to know that you will get an impressive return on the investment you make on your travel portal development. After all, the portal is sure to drive more traffic and customers towards your business. That will result in an increase in your revenue and sales

Some of the points that will affect the overall costs are discussed below.

Teamindiawebdesign as a global travel technology company believes in offering customized travel portals. Therefore, here is a list of services offered by Teamindiawebdesign :

  • Type of Platform : It is possible to develop a robust travel portal on different kinds of travel platforms. This includes hotel booking engines, flight booking engines, holiday package booking systems, car rental software and bus reservation systems among others. Your choice of platform will depend on the requirements of your business and what you wish to achieve. The costs of development will, as a result, depend on your choice of travel portal.
  • Type of Business Model : In the travel industry, the two most widely used business models are B2B and B2C. Of course, these models refer to the kind of clients that your travel company serves. Take a look at each in detail below.
  • B2B travel portal: This is short for Business to Business. The B2B model is used for connecting business partners and business customers to essential product and company information. In other words, it is meant for use by travel agents. B2B based travel portals tend to be more expensive to develop.
  • B2B travel portal: Short for Business to Consumer, the B2C model covers the practices and tactics that are used by7 companies to provide and sell their services and products directly to the end travel consumers which are the actual travelers and tourists. B2C model travel portals are usually the cheaper option when compared to B2B portals.
  • Reliable Rides at affordable rates

Working with Travosoft Teamindia webdesign - Online Travel Technology Company

When you work with us, you work with knowledgeable experts in the travel technology industry. As such, we make it a point to deliver the best possible work in the most affordable travel portal development cost by leveraging our expertise and experience. We also put in the effort to reduce the overall costs and time involved in the development. We ensure that you get all the latest features expected from a travel portal such as the best API integrations to responsiveness.

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