GTA API Integration BEST Travel Arrangements Worldwide

GTA Retail Booking System can be accessed via one of various channels. They include Travel Bound, Travel Cube, Need-a-Hotel, Octopus Travel or GTA. The success of GTA API Integration is indicated by the fact that it handles huge numbers of bookings each day - in excess of 21,000. Its hotel industry partners include over 35,000 properties spread over 500 cities all over the world. It organizes over 5,000 tours to an excess of 50,000 tourist destinations. Not only does GTA deal with hotels of different budgets but it also has tie ups with companies offering ground transportation.

GTA, Gulliver's Travel Associates, has an enviable but much deserved good reputation in the travel industry. It has gone very far from its 1975 beginning as a small tour operator business based out of London. GTA now has more than 30 offices located all over the world in order to cater to the immense demand from its customers. This company now offers accommodation and travel products from more than 30,000 suppliers in multiple global locations across Europe, Africa, Pacific Asia, Japan, the Middle East, North America and Latin America.

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GTA API Integeration at a Glance

  • Hotel product specialist
  • Over 100,000 hotels located in more than 190 countries all over the world
  • More than 2,000 catered apartments in prime locations the Mediterranean and the Caribbean
  • Providing the best value and service experience
  • Over 2400 resorts
  • Offers hotels, vacation rentals, transfers, tickets and excursions.
  • Powering global travel
  • Dominate worldwide
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