With Go Global XML API Integration, be Competitive and Stay Ahead of the Curve

Go Global Travel makes the perfect technology partner for any travel or tour operator. After all, statistics show that 48% of customers in the United States are comfortable researching and booking their trips to new destinations through their mobile devices. With Go Global API integration, you can ensure that you fulfill such expectations of your customers.

With its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Go Global Travel offers its services exclusively to travel and tour organizations. While primarily offering products in the hotels and apartments domain, it also has a robust selection of car rentals, transfers services, cruise services and events. In fact, Go Global Travel offers over 2,00,000 hotels and services all over the world and has over 20,000 partners in the travel industry.

Why We Choose Go Global API Integration?

With Go Global XML API , you get access to competitively priced (FIT) NET Rates to over 4 million rooms spread across 208 countries all over the world. However, that is just the start. There are several other features and benefits in store when you implement Go Global API into your travel operations. Take a look at some of those below.

  • The biggest advantage is access to increased revenues. Thanks to the consolidated purchase power of Go Global Travel, its aggregation model and ability to filter out the lowest rates, you can realise considerably higher profit margins.
  • Go Global Travel offers exclusive access to its services since, as a B2B company, it works only with partners in the travel industry.
  • Travel organisations and tour operators can also access a vast range of chain hotels. Go Global maintains direct contracts with several chains from all over the world including well-known brands such as Hilton, Holiday Inn and Accor among others.
  • As a white label solutions provider, you can fully customise the Go Global XML API to meet your specific requirements. This way, travel organisations can leverage the API to enhance their own B2C and B2B sales.
  • The comprehensive reservation system offers all the features necessary for complete booking management in one location while covering a range of bookings from hotels to event tickets.
  • The Go Global API can be fully integrated into your own systems for speedy and seamless transactions, bookings and product data retrieval.
  • 24/7 customer support is also provided and that too at no extra cost to you. Dedicated account managers will be present to handle your specific queries to resolve them rapidly. After all, there is no reason why your business should wait.

How Team India Web Design Helps You with Go Global XML API Integration

At Team India Web Design, we aim to help B2B and B2C organisations enhance the quality of their services so as to increase their customer satisfaction. Through our Go Global API Integration services, we will help your organisation to take advantage of the features offered by one of the top players in the travel tech industry. We'll help you fully utilise those features so as to benefit your own travel and tour operations by customising the white label solutions for your organisation.

Our experts at Team India Web Design will ensure a short turnaround for the integration of Go Global API to your travel portal development. In this way, you can start deriving the benefits offered faster. Our knowledgeable developers will also make sure that the system works as intended so that your customers do not run into any hurdles whatsoever.

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