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With Team India Web Design, you get pre-integrated Amadeus GDS. That is a global platform designed for booking anything from hotels to tickets to even holiday packages from a single location. With our help, you can leverage the Amadeus booking engine for running your business in an effective and efficient manner. We aim to help you get all the features offered by Amadeus such as its real-time availability, reservation, pricing and centralized display of data. After all, we are dedicated exclusively to meeting the needs of the international travel industry.

By choosing the Amadeus travel agent software, you can access several benefits that arise out of the community around Amadeus and the single but comprehensive data source it offers. Through the community we have built, you can discover new sources of revenue, integrate with more travel partners and even cross-sell your own services or products. In other words, travel providers get the reach they need to make their content visible in all channels.

At Team India Web Design, we can provide you with a unique but robust travel marketplace. We constantly develop better ideas to help in creating a more connected future for the travel industry and consumers as a whole. With our Amadeus booking system integration services, we help you serve your customers better. With Amadeus, you can inspire your customers and sell to them in a more efficient and interesting way. We take time to understand the needs of your customers so that you can achieve a better level of success. Moreover, we strive to have a proper understanding of your business so that we can offer valuable and relevant services which can help you generate increased revenues while saving on costs. Our services and products are designed to optimize the processes of your business. At Team India Web Design, you will get a variety of travel solutions to help you grow and shape a successful future.

Why Choose Amadeus Software?

The Amadeus travel company has consistently maintained its position among the global leaders of travel tech and distribution solutions in the travel industry thanks to the regular introduction of innovations. They provide several solutions such as web services, e-power suites, APIs and more. As a result, you can choose exactly what you want for your business.

Moreover, Amadeus Software delivers professional and robust travel portal solutions that enable agents deliver complete travel packages efficiently and rapidly. As an Amadeus software company, Team Indi Web Design offers Amadeus GDS integration services to deliver robust travel software solutions for global travel agencies and travel management companies. We integrate Amadeus airline reservation system for accessing the comprehensive inventory of flights, transfers and even hotels through Amadeus.

The fact is that the Amadeus reservation system has the maximum potential to help you succeed in the long run. It is not just because you get an advanced and powerful travel management system. It is also due to the diversity in the travel contents that Amadeus aggregates. After all, more than 90,000 travel agencies across the world make use of Amadeus.

What Do You Get With Amadeus Software Integration?

With the Amadeus airline software, you get access to several essential functionalities such as reservations, inventory management, passenger profiling and PNR generation. After all, Amadeus is considered among the best global distribution systems in the world. With our help, you can easily take advantage of the many features and benefits offered by Amadeus. Team India Web Design is known for delivering improved ROI, helping in customer retention and even expanding the customer base. As such, we leverage the Amadeus booking engine to connect travel providers with the consumers and break down the barriers to smooth and effortless travel.

Complete Itinerary Management for Travel Agents

All over the world, the use of global distribution systems is increasing among travel agents compared to the other booking channels. Previous methods of emails, phone calls, hotel directories and even hotel websites are being phased out and their use has decreased significantly. Instead, there has been the rise of travel technologies such as Sabre, Galileo and Amadeus among others. Of these, Amadeus has easily become one of the most preferred in the world by travel agents and companies for all kinds of travel bookings including air, hotels and car rentals. Why this is happening, you may wonder.

The fact is that Amadeus Software delivers a lot of advantages to travel agents such as pricing, availability and reservation functionalities. The fact is that these days, travelers prefer getting all of their travel requirements fulfilled at a single location. They request rich and detailed information compared to the traditional data of just availability and rates. Nowadays, travel agents need to provide in-depth details in real-time to the consumers who prefer options that meets all their specific needs.

With Amadeus Software, travel becomes a lot less complicated. In fact, it is possible to deliver complete itineraries to travelers rapidly thanks to Amadeus. One of the incredible innovations of Amadeus has been the Printmytrip technology which became instantly popular in the travel industry. This is an itinerary management tool developed by Amadeus, fully based on the web. It helps in streamlining the development as well as delivery of travel documentation that is not only professional but also informative. The documentation will also be branded. As such, agents can deliver their itineraries faster and more efficiently.

Staying Competitive

The Amadeus booking system often surprises travel agents and the industry at large by introducing new stunning solutions. These powerful solutions are capable of efficiently executing the daily needs of global travel agents and agencies. In fact, Amadeus software helps the entire travel industry discover and enhance their profits. It helps agencies discover new channels for revenue and even generate revenue after sales. At Team India Web Design, we can help you use Amadeus to increase your market reach, bring in new customers and deliver up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. In short, you can start to leverage the online channel more efficiently with the custom travel tech tools from Amadeus. As such, Amadeus is incredibly advantageous for travel agencies to remain competitive and enhance their profits.

Centralized System

The back office system offered by Amadeus Software can be incredibly advantageous for travel companies whether they are selling hotel rooms or flight tickets. The Amadeus travel agent software will centralize all data while adding business value solutions such as improved control mechanisms and reports. There are many benefits to be had from the Amadeus booking system. Here are some of them.

Invoices can be created automatically which saves a lot of time. As each ticket must be debited, it is possible to save a considerable amount of time by simply importing all tickets via Amadeus. You do not have to physically add all the ticket data to the invoices. Instead, the system will handle the heavy lifting. You can simply use it to import the tickets and the passenger details to create the invoices automatically. Moreover, all reservations will be centralized allowing you to apply the standard tools of back office systems for your business requirements.

Other Benefits and Features

Amadeus offers a lot of advantages for sure. For example, with Amadeus, you get the ability to incorporate your business rules into the travel portal and start providing a range of offers to entice your customers. Then there is Amadeus Extreme Search. This is an incredible shopping solution provided by Amadeus for use by travel professionals. The fact is that Amadeus has a major lead over the other companies in the field of travel tech. this is due to its amazing technical capabilities along with large-scale engineering abilities. Moreover, innovation and constant research are the biggest strengths of Amadeus. That is why travel agencies get to enjoy features such as real time costs, automatic updates of the inventory and content, control over the inventory in real time and the ease of connectivity. It even gives you access to multiple channels for utilization and distribution.

The Story of Amadeus GDS

Called GDS for short, a global distribution system is simply a network which enables transactions to take place to take place between different service providers of the travel industry. These systems are generally used by travel agencies for gaining access in real time to different inventories. They also need the systems for booking a variety of travel products as per the requirements of their customers. This can include anything from airline tickets to hotel rooms to car rentals.

One of the biggest GDS systems in the world is Amadeus. It was originally created by Lufthansa, Air France, SAS airlines and Iberia to act as an alternative to Sabre but based in Europe. Sabre is another global distribution system but it was predominantly focusing on USA. Amadeus was established in 1987. Initially, the main focus of Amadeus Software was to connect the end users with the different airline inventories. However, it has grown massively since then and now currently offers access to a variety of travel services including car rentals and hotel rooms. While Amadeus itself is based out of Spain, its central database is located and maintained in Germany. In other words, it is an incredibly powerful gateway for travel agencies to the highly competitive market of Europe.

Of course, the Amadeus travel software is offered for not only B2B purposes but also B2C. It gives travel agencies to its inventories 24 hours a day, every day. If you were wondering how massive Amadeus really is, consider its market share. Amadeus is the biggest GDS system. In fact, it accounts for approximately 40% of all bookings by travel agencies. More than 90,000 agencies make use of the Amadeus airline software. Be that as it may, it is important to note that a significant percentage of the total bookings made via Amadeus are actually airline tickets.

Team India Web Design Can Help With GDS

With our help from Team India Web Design, web services can be enabled. These web services get integrated into the individual web apps and the travel portals which allow them to gain access to the various functionalities offered by Amadeus via XML information. In other words, APIs are used for this purpose. Considering that Amadeus GDS is one of the 3 major global distribution systems in the world, it can be massively helpful to travel agencies and even hotels thanks to the enhanced distribution it offers. By accessing the GDS system, travel agents gain the ability to access inventory information in real time. In this way, they can sell the different travel products more efficiently to their customers. As a result, global distribution systems have become the core for all the distribution and reservation systems that are used by not only online travel companies but also the offline agencies all over the world.

This is interesting since GDS systems were originally created with the aim of bringing improvements in the airline booking and reservation systems. Now, they have become sufficiently advanced enough to handle everything from hotel bookings to car rentals, cruises and even vacation packages among other travel products. All of these allow your travel company to improve and enhance your strategies for online sales.

The benefits offered by the major providers of GDS are considerable. Currently, the major GDS systems in use are Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Travelport and Abacus. Some of those benefits that you get include control over inventory in real time along with live pricing for the different products. You also get automatic updates on the content and easy connectivity. The GDS systems also give you multiple channels which are meant for utilization and distribution.

Of course, many travel agencies do not like to use readymade options. Instead, they prefer creating and developing their own unique travel products. Doing so can actually be beneficial for your business. If you are one of them, you should consider using the Amadeus API. In fact, this API was designed exactly for travel agencies like yours who prefer a unique and custom solution. By choosing the Amadeus API, you can significantly cut down on costs while saving a considerable amount of time. With the Amadeus Software API toolkit provided, we can create amazing and fully custom applications that come with secure and stable access to the variety of GDS content.

The Amadeus travel software enables you to provide services to the growing numbers of internet-savvy travel customers who prefer booking their vacations and trips online. With the help of the various APIs, Amadeus will give you access to a wide range of travel content online including transfers, sightseeing, hotels, airlines, cars and more. At Team India Web Design, we use the Amadeus booking engine platform for the integration of Amadeus GDS and API directly to your travel portal or website. This way, you get to maintain the original identity, branding and design of your website without any compromises whatsoever. After all, it is your business and your services should reflect that even if you are getting your inventories through a GDS. With the help we provide at Team India Web Design, you can start to enjoy the best travel content and fares. You will also have the choice to develop and create your very own custom search or booking options among other details. After all, we have a highly trained and dedicated team of experts with considerable experience in the industry to help you create your perfect online travel portal and promote your travel agency.

The impact of Amadeus cannot be denied. From low cost transfers to global airline networks, from independent hotels to large hospitality chains, you will find Amadeus being used by a diverse range of companies, agencies and operators in the travel industry. All of them find it immensely beneficial in creating a successful commercial outcome and increase their profitability. With the help of Team India Web Design, you will get to enjoy the same. With Amadeus travel software, it is possible to increase the value of the various businesses processes for not only travel suppliers but also users. For all kinds of bookings and reservations, especially airline ticketing, you will find this GDS to be among the very best. As such, Amadeus can help your travel company succeed in the competitive travel industry. Our experts at Team India Web Design can help you gain the decisive competitive edge with our comprehensive Amadeus software integration services.

Travel agency needs IATA certification for getting the Amadeus API

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