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The Travel business is booming day by day. Traveling is something that you cannot avoid. Be it for your job, or yearly vacation, traveling to treat yourself, or maybe visiting your relative's place. The reason can be anything but every person makes domestic to international travels. For their benefit travel companies are assuring that travelers can book hotels and transportation online without having to waste time and running to the railway station or airport to book flight tickets. Booking has become absolutely tension free with the Hotel API integration. Being a travel service provider all you require to do is install or embed a hotel API in your website or management system and Yes! you get access to thousands of world hotels, resorts, and house stay.

Perfection and Maintenance at Minimal Rates

Wondering whether the API Integration cost a treasure? No not at all! Hotel booking API integration is affordable and takes minimal time for customization. You can easily contact Team India Web Design through our contact us page.

Not only that we also offer maintenance at affordable cost, along with social media integration, control panel to manage and track your orders and deals.

When you have an attractive website, of course, it will attract visitors but it will encourage hackers to practice malicious deeds. As a hotel XML API integration service provider, we suggest you take proper security care of your website. When we take up a website, we install an SSL certificate to make your website secure.

List of hotel API integration services

The API we use for our clients are:
  • Room XML API Integration : Whenever you are (a businessman) looking forward to increasing your business profitability, you must get the best travel agreements. Room XML as an accommodation wholesale distributor makes sure that your travel b2b website reaches to your customers and also the one who is traveling. The Room XML API integrates all the local and regional chains to provide a travel agent more diversity. It has a single feed that contains approximately 95,000 unique properties reaching out hundreds and thousands of destinations all around the world. Are you impressed by the features of RoomXML API? We can integrate the best travel website for you.
  • Travel Boutique Online : Through the Travel Boutique API you can easily book hotels and flights. The benefits of this API is its vast inventory, time-saving and cost-saving features. It gives access to more than 330,000 properties with instant confirmation.
  • Travellanda XML API : This B2B booking system is a Worldwide Online Wholesaler who has an inventory of more than 300,000 hotels. It has representatives in more than 10 countries with its head office in London. Travellanda makes sure that their inventory is password protected. Services offered are Online Reservation System, XML Integration and White Label B2B Solution.
  • Amadeus GDS : When it comes to Travel & Hotel API Integration Amadeus GDS has the richest source of travel information. Amadeus helps to build high-quality apps and has a variety of REST/ JSON APIs. It provides self-service documentation and instant access to a secure environment.
  • Galileo GDS : GDS API has many uses. You can use it for flight booking, hotel booking, bus reservation system, online ticketing system, Visa, Insurance and much more. Galileo GDS will surely help you to expand your global market.
  • GDS Travelport : Through this API captures more than 6 billion travel-related messages. Richer content and answers to relevant search answers. Both B2B and B2C travel businesses can be accessed. Worry not! It is secure.

Being a Hotel Booking API Provider, we suggest the above-mentioned APIs according to your requirements. You can have faith in us, as we charge wisely and deliver services on time. Contact us now for a few quotes!

What are the advantages of using Hotel API?

For all the newbies who are just planning to own a travel website and also those who have a travel business website which is not automated, you must be thinking about the reasons to install APIs on your website. Through hotel API integration you can automate your services like hotel booking, reservation, payments and a lot more. Moreover, people love smart work nowadays, when you have completely automated website travelers can count on you and book their stay making you the medium.

Mentioned below are a few advantages of hotel booking API integration:

Hotel API gives you access to the large inventory of hotels and makes sure that it can be booked with a few clicks. Hotel booking API integration is a feature-packed tool that allows a customer to directly book through a website irrespective of time, place and days specification.

Team India Web Design as an API Development company makes sure that the website, we develop sustains in the market and the users hugely benefit from it. We not only provide a solid platform for business development but our advanced API surely helps you create a leading travel infrastructure. Hotel API integration services with a numerous feature. All our hotel partners make sure that hotels displayed in the website maintain cleanliness and are exactly as shown in the pictures.

Our Travel Technology includes

  • B2C Travel Website: Hotel API integration of Business to customer travel portals is dedicated to those who offer services for the travelers. For integrating such a website, we use Hotel Aggregators like the RoomsXML, Hotelbeds, Hotelspro, GTA, DOTW, Webbeds, Mikitravel, Travellanda& many more. Flights XML API (GDS) like the Amadeus, Travelport. Payment Gateways like the Paypal, SagePay, MayBank(Malaysia) 2checkout, Authorize.net, CCAvenue, EBS, PayU. Car and Transfer XML API like the Resort Hoppa, Car Trawler, RentalCars, Flexible Autos, etc. In short, the B2C travel booking system developed by Team India web design allows clients to include various modernized features in your management system. Not only that using the API hotel booking API integration makes the booking system simpler for all kinds of clients. It also allows the direct sale for tourists searching for flight tickets and other travel products.
  • Airline Reservation System: Through Travel & Hotel API Integration you can easily design a customized Airline Reservation System. Team India web Design uses Direct channel management and global distribution system (GDS) for flight booking API integration. Through it, you can easily book international and domestic flights. We have tie-ups with the leading suppliers of GDS, XML, and API such as Amadeus, Yatra, Expedia, Travel Fusion and Mystifly. Moreover, portals designed by us are unique and secure.Along with that they are worthy enough to suit the requirement of travel agents. For more details let us discuss your requirements.

Why choose Team India Web Design for hotel API integration

When it comes to embedding videos into your website, the experienced can handle it well. As mentioned earlier that traveling is something that people do every year or frequently. Maybe more than once in a year. In such a case, when you are having a tour guide website, travel ticket booking website it becomes essential to be very trustworthy.

Here are a few details about our work procedure and the reasons to choose us:

Our work always begins with the project explanation. This means when you (the clients) signs a contract to work with us, we hand it over to the specific team. If you need to design a website then the task is provided to the designer team.

Next comes the development part of the website, here the developers use codes to customize the functionalities. Through the integration of hotel API, you can easily get contacts from thousands of hotels and flight service providers. Not only that there is a variety of APIs available and you must wisely choose an API according to your requirement.

Each of the updates is timely communicated with the clients and we always value the feedback of our client.Being in the industry for years has made us work with hundreds of clients. Through our experience, we have designed and developed several travel websites, embed integrations and also help clients build their business profits through it. Therefore, you can count on us for hotel API integration.

In case you are looking for a trustworthy best hotel API provider, Team India web Design can help you with designing, developing your travel business portal. To contact us you can either call us on +91-810-763-5166 (India) or +97-152-554-278 (United Arab Emirates). You can also drop us an email on info@teamindiawebdesign.com.

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Teamindiawebdesign has truly helped us in developing our website with proper customization. With our new image we have successfully attracted more than 2 million USD booking to our B2B hotel booking portal.

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As we are a new travel agency entering into the travel industry we needed an online travel portal. Teamindiawebdesign gave us thorough guidance. And that's why we manage to do well in our travel business.

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Teamindiawebdesign developed smart and organized software for our company. That’s why customers are very satisfied with our service, and they can easily book and modify airline tickets through our flight booking portal.

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We hired Teamindia Webdesign for our flight booking portal. They provided the best and affordable flight booking portal design package for us. They also guided us on how to run the website as an admin.

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Teamindia Webdesign is the best travel portal development company, according to me. They delivered an excellent travel portal with Amadeus flight API integration. We can offer very reasonable flight prices to our customers when compared to the others.

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I have been struggling to find a company, to develop tour package management software. Thankfully we found Teamindia Webdesign. My software is completely customized, responsive and integrated with global API.

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Very friendly staff. We hired car Flightapis,s for car booking portal development. The functionalities are very clean and well presented. Would work with them in the future.

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