Travel agencies these days are fully dependent on technology for engaging with customers worldwide. The conventional offline methods are no longer in use. With the advent of travel technologies, travel companies are using many online tools that allow customers to reserve seats and handle other travelling deals online. Flight Booking Software is one of these technological advancements that allow passengers to book flight tickets by making online payments. Team India Web Design is here to help you transform your business digitally. 

We have the experience of developing airline reservation systems for thousands of our customers’ portals. Our team always ensures that clients receive top-quality service around the clock. This made us the leading travel portal development companies in India. 

No: 1 Airline Reservation System for Travel Industry

We provide our clients with a fully integrated airline reservation system that provides flexible ticket reservation and inventory management solutions. Our system offers a stable platform to airlines of all types. The flight booking engine that we develop incorporates fare tariffs, airline schedules, ticket records and passenger Reservation. Thus it helps you to handle everything related to flight booking and you can meet your business goal faster without the hassle of hiring and training staff.

We are Committed in Providing our Customers with the Right Flight Reservation System

We always prioritise the requirements of our customers and provide them with the best. Our attention to detail and perfection is present in every job that we do. Whatever be your business requirements, we give our 100% to provide you with the required results. Our team always strives toward perfection so that our customers feel proud at the end of the project just like us.

Cloud-Based Technology that Fuels for High-Performance 

We at Team India Web Design provide customized cloud based technology solutions for travel agencies at an affordable price. This made us the first preference for customers for any travel technology development.

What are the Features of Our Flight Booking Software?

Flight Reservation System is used for booking seats of a particular airline and interfaces with the help of a GDS system that supports travelling companies in making Reservation for major airlines in a single system.

Below check out the features of our online booking solution:

  • Mobile-friendly design.
  • Multiple payment integration.
  • Real-time booking management.
  • Automated booking confirmation.
  • Completely customised travel portal.
  • Real-time reporting
  • Easy to use dashboard

What are the most important B2B travel portal features that a travel agent must incorporate in their website?

  • Configuring credit limit and deposits
  • One can have multi-lingual travel websites
  • Distribute white labels
  • Include offline travel bookings
  • Dynamic fare catching
  • Control of commissions and markup
  • Advance reports
  • Manage numerous branches
  • Sub agents can manage and create multiple branches
  • Multi-currency transactions for both suppliers and agents
  • Top-Quality Flight reservation system
  • Multiple sales channels – B2B, B2C, B2B2B, B2B2C
  • Centralised mid-office
  • Travel agent management
  • Transactional Accounting
  • Integration of accounting system
  • Integration of payment gateway
  • Multiple supplier APIs
  • Add direct contracts
  • Redistribution API 

End-To-End Online Booking Solution in the Airline Distribution Industry

Airline Reservation System is online application software just like Hotel Reservation System that mainly consolidates data from all airlines with the help of global distribution systems. This system provides rates and inventory to customers as well as travel agents. A flight reservation system is not only used for making reservation on airlines but is also use for doing various airline management tasks. It is also used for meeting all customer requirements from the initial booking till completion of the flight trip.

We being a leading Airline Reservation System development company have the experience of working with all popular global airlines, GDS Systems and flight consolidators.

Our reservation system has the facility of exchange of data through GDS sub like Galileo Reservation System, Amadeus Reservation System or Sabre Reservation System. They consolidate the global airline pricing and availability information and share them through APIs/XMLs.

Why People Choose Us for Flight Booking Software Development?

We are a broad based business service provider that serves organisations in every segment of travelling industry. Team India Web Design is a global distribution system business that operates globally and includes Galileo Reservation Systems and internationally recognised world span. Our Galileo System holds a grand position in airline software and has connections with all leading airlines. With this 24x7 availability system the efficiency of the travel enterprises will improve. One can access this system at any point of time for booking tickets. See how our Airline Reservation System is different from others:

  • Easy for booking tickets
  • Saves both time and money
  • Provide all kinds of information about the flight
  • 24x7 Customer Support through both calls and chats
  • Provide automated tickets to customers through mail
  • Smooth and hassle-free refund policies
  • Available for both International and Domestic Airlines

We at Team India Web Design provide our clients with a Flight Booking Software with a modern and user-friendly interface as well as top-quality backend architecture. Our flight reservation system will help you increase the productivity and manage more Reservation by selling air tickets directly from the back-office system. It helps you to reach your goal faster without the stressful employee hiring and training process. If you want to create your own flight booking engine, reach out to us. Visit our website for more details

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Teamindiawebdesign has truly helped us in developing our website with proper customization. With our new image we have successfully attracted more than 2 million USD booking to our B2B hotel booking portal.

Maria Garcia Turkey

As we are a new travel agency entering into the travel industry we needed an online travel portal. Teamindiawebdesign gave us thorough guidance. And that's why we manage to do well in our travel business.

Jessica UAE

We wanted to make an easy web portal through which travellers can book their flight tickets without any language problem. Teamindiawebdesign provided the exact and customer-friendly website in a very minimum time. /p>

Farhad UAE

We had a newly established company and wanted to enter the travel industry. Teamindiawebdesign guided us in every possible way. They designed and developed our online portal with robust functionalities.

Maria London

Teamindiawebdesign developed smart and organized software for our company. That’s why customers are very satisfied with our service, and they can easily book and modify airline tickets through our flight booking portal.

Liam Peter Edinburg

We hired Teamindia Webdesign for our flight booking portal. They provided the best and affordable flight booking portal design package for us. They also guided us on how to run the website as an admin.

Evelyn Watson Bradford

Teamindia Webdesign is the best travel portal development company, according to me. They delivered an excellent travel portal with Amadeus flight API integration. We can offer very reasonable flight prices to our customers when compared to the others.

Benjamin Ramos Edinburg

I have been struggling to find a company, to develop tour package management software. Thankfully we found Teamindia Webdesign. My software is completely customized, responsive and integrated with global API.

Jennifer Chelmsford

Very friendly staff. We hired car Flightapis,s for car booking portal development. The functionalities are very clean and well presented. Would work with them in the future.

Taylor Lancaster
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