How do you become a travel agent and tour operator in Oman?

Since a healthy number of Travellers are visiting Oman each year for vacations and this main substantial income for the travel agents.

There are a few aspects that you must consider to open a travel agency in Oman:

  • Apply to a travel agent with the Ministry of Tourism in Oman.
  • Fulfil the requirements mentioned in the licence application form.
  • Get a copy of the trade registration documents along with other essentials.
  • Submit the ID card and the passport and also a testimonial certificate from the Royal Oman Police.
  • Approval of essential notes certifying you as the director of the business (minimum 5 years).
  • Trade registration with the proposed name and bank insurance.

What are the required documents and fees for opening a travel agency in Oman?

A list of documents needs to be submitted and verified if you are looking forward to opening a travel agency in Oman.

The required document documents are:

  • Completed Tourism licence application form and trade licence documentation.
  • Copy of the lease and ownership documents of the business office or land.
  • Certification of the director of the activity and the proposed name of the trade registration.

The fees required to open a travel office is OMR 1000 for a tourism office and OMR 2000 for a travel office. The application fee is 200 OMR.

Crucial Steps for Application of a travel agency in the UAE

  1. Decide the sort of travel company you want to operate: To establish your business activity, you must specialise in the travel agency sector, whether you want to be a tour operator or outbound operator. Also, mention the different markets you want to serve.
  2. Register the employee visas: It is very essential to apply within 30 days the employees enter the country. You can apply on the Ministry of Interiors e-channel portal for staff permission.
  3. Requirement of corporate bank account: You will need a trade licence and a verified corporate bank to open a travel agency. Also, maintain a continuous minimum balance ranging from AED 1m to AED 5000.

After proper evaluation of all this process, you can develop your travel booking engine. Travel booking software or portal can help you to offer online bookings and automate your complete service.

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