As a travel business owner do you want to tap frequent business travelers and seasonal tourists? With the rise in online travel portals tough things seems to fall in place. When running a travel website, you should consider some features because research shows that more than 53% of travelers search and buy travel products online. Above 83% of the global holiday, purchases are done through the internet. A travel website portal must naturally be more inclined to engage customers and provide them with multiple travel and stay opportunities. In this blog let us go through a list of must-have travel portal features that will help agents to increase customer relationships.

  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design and development: A responsive website design and clean functionalities is the most important feature of a website. Mobile First websites easily respond to the small mobile screen and help customers make easy booking whenever and wherever they are.
  • API Integrations: Managing the chain of tourist requests may be daunting. API and XML Integrations automate the services and help in providing the customers connect to thousands of hotels, transport, car, cab providers. Top travel portal integrations are Travel Boutique Online, Travellanda XML API, Amadeus GDS, Hotel XML API Integration, Resort Hoppa Transfers API and more.
  • Search Filters: Through this feature, you can include various parameters involved in traveling. The search filter humanizes online booking experiences matching the customer's expectations and requirements. Select which country you want to visit, the date of the journey, your days of stay, number of people involved in the stay, your preferred budget and much more. Similarly, when it comes to booking a flight or travel services you can enter the airport name from where you want to start the journey and the destination, the date of travel, passengers and class details to get the results.
  • Well, Chosen High-quality images: Travel Website offering hotel reservation facilities must have beautiful, high quality, real images to attract the customers. It is essential to remember that the images must be real that can cycle into the minds of the customers through its own pace. Images speak a thousand words; therefore, an image of the rooms provided by the travel website must highlight detailing like the room size, curtains, bedding, washroom, balcony if any and other aspects.
  • Customer Reviews: Customer reviews are essential not only for a travel portal website but for any other online business. Reviews can enhance and also destroy your brand image. Make sure that happy customersshare their experience through reviews.
  • Virtual Reality: This has become an attraction point in the tourism industry. Through the Virtual Reality feature ina travel website the customers get a 36O degree view of the location, hotel room, flight and more. In short, the travel agents or operators let customers explore the ground before they book. This feature plays an important role in increasing the trust level between the service providers and customers.
  • Transparency in Rates: Whenever a traveler is booking online, they look for transparency in rates so that they can compare the details with other travel portals. If you are offering your customer's airport ticket reservation, bus reservation, car rents your website must display the pricing details of the services.
  • Google maps to spot the hotel destination: Integrating the travel portal with Google Maps gives customers the privilege to view their destination on the map. They can check out the distance between the prime tourist's spots from their hotel and also search for the nearby top hotels.
  • Secured Payment gateways: When a customer is making a transaction from your travel portal, they will verify whether the portal is secured. Therefore, make sure that you install the SSL Certificate on your website and other virus prevention software.
  • Multiple currency Acceptance features: Accepting multiple currency payments provides global adoption opportunities for businesses. Having this feature in your travel portal not only makes it convenient for customers to make easy payments but also helps them mitigate the problem of chargebacks.

All the above-mentioned features are important for having a healthy and profit-generating travel portal website. But remember technology in upgrading itself with time, and as a travel service provider, you must keep upgrading your website features. Make sure to analyze competitor's strategies to improve sales and provide the best services to your customers.

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