Willing to bring your business online but wondering whether you should go for a white label travel portal or a travel API?

In this post, we will discuss the major difference between a white label travel portal and a travel API so that you can make an informed decision.

What is a white label travel website?

A white label travel website is a website without any branding. Just like online travel portals, white level travel websites will enable travel agents, tour operators, destination management companies to sell various travel products and solutions like holiday packages, car rentals, Hotel accommodation, flight booking, train booking to travellers.

White label solutions are pre-made online booking portals, developed by travel portal development agencies, to help travel business providers, facilitate their business operations smoothly and in no time they can make their business live.

Here are a few features of white level travel websites

  • Travel agencies or tour operators do not have to invest time in designing, developing a travel website
  • A white label travel website is the instant solution to start a travel booking
  • As this travel website is pre-made, keeping the travel portal structure in mind you do not need to have access to the source code or make any major modifications to the layout.
  • Small and medium-sized travel agencies get to boost their online presence almost instantly
  • White label travel portal solutions are the most cost-effective way to bring a travel business online
  • Most white level travel portal solutions have functionalities like real-time inventory check, secure payment gateway, search filters, attractive images, good reviews, predictive search option, thus making it an easy booking system
  • Comes with 24 into 7 support to help travel operators connect with the customers

What is Travel API?

Travel API is a tool that allows travel operators and tour operators various travel deals from tour consolidators and in turn give the best available travel options to customers.

Travel API from global GDS provider boost the inventory of the travel booking portal. Using Travel API, as a tour operator you can open up to unlimited hotels, flight providers, tour providers, car booking providers all around the world.

When an online travel booking portal is integrated with a travel API, that travel agents can allow their customers to choose the right travel products based on their budget.

Benefits of using a travel API integration in your travel booking portal:

  • Travel API gives you complete access to various travel inventory all around the world
  • It is the most customised solution to get connected to travel providers from all around the world
  • Travel API gives you full control of your application functionalities, check real-time inventory and also modify the bookings
  • Travel API helps you to modify the website features and also add up practices like providing quick discounts and facilities like forecasting travel choices, receiving the best prices, ranking places by popularity, and much more.

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