IATA Agency is an April 1945, foundation situated in Havana, Cuba also known as, IATA (International Air Transport Association). It is the most efficient and globally well-known body of the aviation industry. This association represents more than 265 airlines over 120 countries. Over 80,000 travel agents partner with IATA and draw in maximum profits to their business.

It has successfully kept his dynamic growth standards of the industry. IATA is presently looking over 95 per cent of the world’s air flights. So the associated that once has members only from Europe and North America presently has representatives all across the world.

What are the benefits of becoming an IATA Accredited Agent?

IATA’s mission is not only to represent but to dutifully serve and also lead the flight industry. Our seal marks provide accreditation and approval to partner with agents or provide seamless services to passengers all over the world.

Not only that, this association always raises the brand value for travel agents and entrepreneurs. Once a travel agent or tour operator gets an IATA accreditation it can work wonders. An IATA accredited travel agent increases the credibility and value as a travel agent. As said earlier more than 80,000 IATA travel agents partner with IATA, and to be precise the number of travel agents surely speaks about the popularity of the company.

The benefits of partnering with IATA as a Member

You can easily offer air tickets to your customers on behalf of the airlines. Ability to issue e-tickets on behalf of airlines: Travel agents those who have IATA certification can easily provide you access to all the inventory of 800+ airlines connected with a single sales agency agreement. Through this sales agency agreement, you easily sell domestic and international air tickets for the customers.

  • The travel agents get special training:: The IATA certified agents get special training to manage an agency or OTA. The online travel agency must have visibility so that the clients can easily see the website and get customers from you. Through comprehensive training makes travel agents and makes them well versed about the trends and challenges.
  • Customers can be easily convinced through the AITA aggregation: Not only does the IATA certification boost the face value and also the commercial credibility of the travel agent. The courses sponsored by IATA will enable travel agents and tour operators to understand the aviation industry. The ensured courses are ITDI courses and learning international standards. All these guides the travel development companies top easily conquer the market challenges.
  • Get known to the industry standards : The IATA initiatives like the New Distribution Capability (NDC), Smart Security, Simplifying the Business (StB), help the travel agents to face new changes in the travel industry. NDC enable the travel industry to modify retailed out travel products to business, or corporation travellers.
  • Key commercial services and training : IATA members like the travel agents or the tour operators can easily redeem discounts, offers up to 30% various travel products, services or IATA publications. This program and discounts surely enlighten the members of the aviation industry.

What are the IATA Membership Requirements?

Any travel agency, tour operators, and travel management companies can enrol to the IATA Accreditation. Some minimum criteria need to be fulfilled by the agents or tour service providers depending upon the region and country.

The application form consists of four criteria’s which are:
  • General criteria
  • Financial criteria
  • Staff competence criteria
  • Safety & Security criteria

If you are selling air tickets then surely it is beneficial to get your accredited by the International Air Transport Association. Through your IATA license, the travel agent will gain immediate recognition in the aviation industry.

The documentation required is:

  • Complete details in the application form
  • Original documents of the travel agency
  • Audited Financial Statements which will include Balance Sheet, Auditors Report etc
  • Bank account Guarantee with account details
  • Photographs and proof of the agency locations

Once you produce the proof of a legal registered the travel agency can successfully become an IATA certified agency. Independent travel operator must submit the business licenses, tax papers and insurance forms. You must submit all the state and local licensing papers.

Are you ready to become an IATA Agent?

Once you go through the local criteria the agent should select details related to the country details on the application. Submit according to the guidelines mentioned for that particular company.

The accreditation fee varies from region to region. For example, the once the application is accepted in countries of Europe, Middle East and Africa, IATA will contact them for payment. Team India web design advice travel agencies or travel operators to keep the IATA numeric code, secret!

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