The global distribution system for travel management company are highly preferred because it can boost your travel business and bring in more conversions. With the GDS system integrated into your portal, the travellers can easily get contents of top flights, hotels, car transfer, sightseeing and similar things.

Amadeus GDS is one of the top GDS providers highly preferred by global travel companies and travel agents.

What are The key benefits of the Amadeus GDS system?

  • Provide the best rate of our products to the customers
  • Complete transparency of the availability and booking options
  • Effectively attract International travellers
  • Enables business with various models like retail travel agency, B2B travel agency and b2c travel agencies
  • Provides easy inventory management and reservation process
  • Passenger profiling with a confirmation email
  • Frequent flyer programs
  • Detailed search based on time and flexible times
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Is Amadeus GDS popular?

Amadeus GDS is one of the top GDS systems that is created by SAS airlines, Air France and other top alternatives. It was established in 1987 and connects with end-users with a top inventory. Amadeus GDS helps you to manage your travel business by reducing travel costs.

TeamIndia Web Design is one of the leading API integration providing companies that helps travel agents, tour operators with the best travel services.

How to connect the travel portal to Amadeus GDS?

Amadeus GDS booking system includes airline reservation, Amadeus GDS Hotel bookings, travel packages, Amadeus software, Amadeus API and much more. Amadeus software provides an affordable market solution and therefore it allows the customers to book more online tickets.

Leading travel solution providers can integrate the GDS into your travel portal and help you efficiently establish your travel itinerary.

Amadeus GDS operates in more than 195 countries and has a global team of 11,000 people. Thus, you can easily get a solution to your issues if any arises.

Amadeus GDS can be connected to your travel portal with the help of API developers and they can also provide you with contents regulated by Amadeus GDS.

Amadeus GDS is perfect to meet the requirements of modern travellers

In case you are looking forward to streamlining your booking system and ensure complete travel bookings, contact Team India Web Design. Team India web design is an international travel technology and software development country providing clients with strong online distribution capability. Contact us for cost-effective solutions with Amadeus GDS.

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