For hoteliers and accommodation providers the hotel contract system is a problem solver. With a hotel contract, you can easily manage the hotel bookings, save information, and other details easily without wasting much time. Technology and API have surely made it easier for travel agents and accommodation providers to serve travellers all around the globe.

Using the Hotel contracting system, travel agents and hoteliers can easily calculate the allocation of rooms, check-in and checkout timings, occupancy, promotions, facilities, discounts, cancellations, and much more. Also, with a hotel extranet or online booking engine, you can guide your customers to make the best decision in selecting a budget-friendly hotel using the price comparison chart.

We are the one of the leading development companies providing a Hotel Contracting System with a full-fledged module so that your customers can focus on minor hotel booking details.

What are the features of a Hotel Contracting system?

Hotel information : All general information related to the hotel room, location, ratings, room size, reviews, guests accommodation are included in the hotel info. The reservation number, address, contact number and accurate location is part of the Hotel info.

Hotel Overview : Hotel overview means facts like the proper date of establishment, founder's story, services offered and the location are part of hotel overview. As a hotelier, you can include information like room description and checking and checkout time in this part.

Meal Rates : The meal rates means the rates of the breakfast, lunch and dinner associated with the timings, and the menu of foods. The dining rates are set according to the consumption made by the adult and the children, half-plate serving or full plate.

Amenities : Amenities is a must mention when it comes to hotel booking to selecting a hotel room. The availability of geyser, air conditioner, pool, balcony, fruit basket, wardrobe in the room, and many others must meet.

Cancellation policy : A policy of terms and conditions is maintained by every hotel provider. In the cancellation policy the cancellation charges, paybacks, and other details will be included.

What are the Benefits of opting for a Inventory Management System?

Mentioned below are the best benefits of Hotel Contract System:

  • Simplifies complex hotel reservation and tracking tasks
  • Support management rate updates and discounts
  • Helps the hoteliers give more focus on guests and their needs
  • This comprehensive platform is enough to maintain a balance with all contracted hotels.

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