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Travco LLP has built a good name for itself in the travel industry in a very short time because of the high levels of professionalism and courtesy it employs. Based in London and directly managed by its owners, this company provides a wide range of wholesale hotel accommodation options through its online booking system. Travel agencies and tour operators know that they can depend on Travco LLP to give them excellent service when they book through it.

Travco LLP specializes in offering hotels in mainly European destinations at highly discounted rates. Most of the 7,000 properties it offers are located all over Europe although it is now expanding its global presence. Travco LLP always uses the latest technology in order to make online booking an easy experience. You can easily access your hotel bookings through its secure online site with the help of password protected accounts. You can make reservations in real time, thereby ensuring that you can provide your customers with instant confirmations if accommodation is available.

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Travco LLP sets itself apart from other booking companies through its emphasis on safety and health. In fact, this company expects its travel partners to comply with its exacting standards and it also has an in-house safety and health department to ensure compliance. This company also places a lot of importance on customer service. Its employees, located not just in London but also in its field offices in Italy, France, Argentina, Egypt, Spain and Australia are highly trained professionals.

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